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Someone once said that the best business ideas come from having 1), a personal unmet need 2), a problem you see around you, or 3) an underserved market opportunity. Others say incremental improvements on an existing business idea may also yield a successful business. A few months ago, I sat down with my Co-Founder, Matthew, and we stumbled upon a kernel of an idea which had a huge latent demand and market opportunity for explosive growth in the coming few months.

For years, the field of social media management has been dominated by a few select players for businesses of all sizes. Some extremely pricey and others affordable for just about anyone. While technology advanced, these very select players made
simple and incremental advancements in their efforts to provide for their customers. Others, made no advancements whatsoever and lagged behind even more so. Any industry that has become content with it’s current level of progress, has eventually failed, only to be replaced by its more innovative competition, and successor. It’s because of this need for innovation that we decided to build the world’s first mobile and design focused social media management app for the next generation of businesses led by a new breed of entrepreneurs. An industry which is set to grow to over $9B in under 24 months (!

An entrepreneur in 2017 is always on the go and mobile. Are you?

What’s Woofy you ask? It is what every entrepreneur today desperately needs to manage their online persona while being on the go, engage with customers via social media on their mobile devices and publish meaningful evergreen content on a timely basis. The last part is where our basket based app allows for entrepreneurs and influencers to automate their content distribution. Gone are the days when as a content owner you sat down for hours upon hours scheduling your week’s posts, every week and every month of the year. Using our backgrounds and passion for beautiful design, we created an app that was mobile first and provides visual insights into your content publishing. The very first of its kind meeting the needs of today and trends of tomorrow. Matthew and I are excited to announce that we are bringing you this marvelous piece of software in the coming few weeks. We’d love for you to try it out for free as our treat while we tweak the app and make it better.

Grab content and schedule anytime and anywhere…

Click here to join the exclusive member’s list! For now, the app will support the most popular social networking platforms followed by other mobile first social platforms. More details will be released soon along with information on features, future updates, events we are planning on hosting and much more.

2017 is going to be an amazing year for us and we hope the same for you. If you’d like to follow along and also join other business leaders, feel free to join  our exclusive Facebook group called, Content Masters – Member Group by Woofy and also follow us on twitterFacebook and Linked In.

Matt and Arjun showing wireframes of the up and coming app


Arjun and Matthew,

Co-Founders at



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