Simple Trick That Social Media Managers Don’t Want You to Know.

If I told you that you could boost traffic, save time and money, you would probably say that I’m full of it, but the answer might be easier than you think, and that’s good news for anyone with a social media campaign.

According to an article from Small Biz Trends, social media automation is going to be a major part of companies marketing online in the coming years.  Many companies have small/medium marketing budgets, and a lot of money is wasted because they have to hire people to not only create, but to plan, execute and manage their social media campaigns.  I don’t know if you’re superman..but this kind of time management is pretty difficult to sustain.  Especially when capital can otherwise go towards helping grow the business with other initiatives.

“According to a study, 92 percent of these companies are losing revenue because of that decision. 2017 may see business of all types and sizes adopt marketing automation. 91 percent of marketers are convinced that automation is an indispensable part of marketing” (Jessica Davis of Small Biz Trends).

The article talks about the unique attributes of each social media platform and how each one has specific use cases.  This could likely cause businesses to use multiple campaigns for each platform to keep their customers engaged, but there is a huge problem with multifaceted campaigns, and that’s the cost associated with managing them.

As social media grows and the need for this style of marketing grows along with it, business leaders will find the task of managing each campaign and each platform extremely time intensive because they are forced to manage a large amount of content in a short amount of time. This is where a tool like Woofy comes in providing automation with visualization of data as a mobile offering.

Let’s break it down further.  Large amounts of information plus short amounts of time = the need to outsource or hire people in house.   This need becomes very expensive, but lucky for you, there is a solution!  One word, automation.  At Woofy this is what we do.  It’s a tool that allows companies to manage and automate their tasks that don’t neccessarly require a person to handle.  Such as posting created content to multiple social media accounts, recurring popular posts or posting from a library of content.  It even shows you who’s talking about your company so that you can engage better with customers.  Woofy’s smart posting features can suggest articles, save meta tags from an in app browser, and even tell you when and what times are best to post.  At the end of the day running a businesss has a lot to do with time management, and in an ever changing world of social media marketing that is becoming more demanding by the day, social media automation is the way to go in order to save time for your company and focus on what’s really important, managing leads and running your business.  So do yourself and your company a favor and check out We are so excited to have you as part of our wooftastic family as we get ready to launch in a few weeks.  Once we do, you’ll receive an exclusive download link with a code for 20% off your first year!  You have absolutely nothing to lose, so click here and scroll to the bottom to enter your email now and join the movement. It can absolutely change your business.

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